Heartland Mark and Cantinas

Paso Robles, CA at Lake Nacimiento

Simply Breathtaking

Heartland Mark – 963.5 acres

Cantinas Ranch – 650 acres

Two of the Productions recently shot at the property were music videos for Kylie Hughes and Ryan Kennedy. Please click on to see its beauty and what the property can offer for filming, as a wedding location or private corporate venue.

These gorgeous properties back up to the water, surrounded by natural beauty at Lake Nacimiento, located in the Central Coast of California.

  • Large enclosed kitchen for outdoor catering/Outdoor Pavilion overlooking the lake
  • A private boat dock with long steps that lead to the water
  • Camp site area with hooks ups, running water, bathrooms, outdoor showers and indoors showers, beautifully decorated teepees, Yurts, small guest cottages, and places to park RV’s or trailers. The Camp can support up to 150 guests.
  • Wood floors & frames for tenting
  • Outdoor stage and Ampitheatre
  • Highpeaks, valleys and gulches with country dirt roads & paved roads

  • Horse barns/riding trails, horse riding ring
  • Lake Views and lake access
  • Gorgeous meadows, seasonal ponds
  • Open spaces, with dirt country roads and paved roads as needed, wood barns and fences
  • The perfect backdrop that can double as a western location, with massive boulders, rolling hills and wide open spaces.
  • Mountain peaks for Panoramic views
  • Bee Rock Store front- doubles as an old general store (currently under construction store front façade only available)

Heartland Mark Ranch

Camp Location

Bee Rock General Store

Lynch Canyon Driveways

Lake Nacimiento Views

Photos by David Ferdig